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Tel Aviv, Israel

Sinead McIntyre

Hi all,

My name is Sinead. I'm a content writer and strategic marketing consultant who would love to contribute to the creation of your site's content, while reflecting your brand's message and values in the most engaging way possible.



Amazon Prime Day 2017: Recap

Amazon Prime Day has rapidly turned into one of the most crucial online shopping “holidays,” as the industry has dubbed it, and has made its way on top of the eSellers’ calendar. Due to Amazon’s ability to invent holidays and drive revenue from them, it’s no enigma as to why they’re outdoing other large companies like Hallmark.

The do’s and don’ts of working for free

We’re all guilty of it, and sometimes, during the course of our careers, it almost feels like it’s deemed necessary, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not. Many freelancers, especially in more creative or artistic spaces are offered to do free work in return for “exposure”. There is a hefty amount of conversation that covers this issue online, including a very popular Imgur post, a famous comic, and a whole Twitter dedicated to it.

Why A Call To Action Is Like Dating

The part of your marketing message that invites your audience to do something on or through your website or landing page is referred to as your “call to action” (or “CTA”). One of the most common calls to action is “Buy now!”. You’ve probably see this and many other CTAs online every day. If you think about it, a call to action is like dating.

Digital Pivot

Created content for Digital Pivot's website.

3 Native Advertising Formats for Interstellar Revenue

When someone says “native advertising”, what comes to mind for you? You’ll be surprised to learn just how many options the industry has to offer in this category. Native advertising is a powerful medium for both publishers and advertisers and it is growing rapidly. In fact, according to the iab –.

Longing For Connection Isn’t A Crime (Rant).

This is my first rant piece, just throwing that out there. Longing for connection is not synonymous with desperation or neediness. There are problematic behavioral patterns that are deeply rooted, and affect most of us, actually. While these can be quite damaging, they are related to a completely different topic, and this isn’t a psychological research paper.

How To Win Customers And Influence Their Decisions

Publishers, have you ever wished that you could get inside the heads of your prospective customers to better understand how to reach out to them? In other words, do you know how to win customers and influence their decisions? A few simple insights into consumer behavior can help you better understand consumers’ emotional needs and fears.

What’s a Phenomenon?

It’s Friday morning, and I’m sitting in class. For those of you who don’t know, I’m doing my masters in Organizational Behavior and Development…in Hebrew. Having class until 10 pm on Thursdays, and more class just 10.5 hours later, at 8:30 am on Fridays is no fun, but it’s temporary. I’m sitting here in a qualitative research course, and felt inspired, which honestly hasn’t happened in a while.

Use Your Heart Muscle

The physical heart is a muscle, right? Its function is to circulate blood throughout the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, while removing carbon dioxide and other junk. If its taken care of and exercised, it becomes stronger, and less susceptible to disease and other malfunctions.

Why Color Is Crucial To Your Marketing Strategy

In the advertisement industry, as well as any other industry that involves marketing, it’s likely that you’ve been cautious and pensive about how to present your content…and rightfully so. Aesthetics play a huge role in grabbing a client/user’s attention, and certain colors and fonts, as well as other aspects of presentation determine whether or not a client is truly interested in what your company has to offer.

The Secret Ingredient In Successful Ad Campaigns Is Happiness

One of the key features of a successful marketing campaign is that it creates positive feelings on the behalf of a target audience towards the brand, for obvious reasons. People who feel good about a brand and a product are more likely to buy and this means higher conversion rates for your company.

What You Should Know About Entering a Foreign Market

Entering a new territory can be an exciting growth opportunity for your business, but the process leading up to the actual expansion can also be terrifying. Often times, publishers are ill-prepared for the challenges of entering a foreign market. So many factors can either make or break the attempt.


Sinead McIntyre

Born and raised in the U.S., I am a native English speaker living in Tel Aviv. In addition, I am fluent in Russian and Hebrew, and speak Spanish at a high level. I hold a BA in Psychology and recently earned my MA in Organizational Behavior and Development. I have been writing creatively since I first learned to form the English alphabet. For the past two years, I have been working as a content writer and manager professionally. My ability to produce high-quality content is a prominent part of my skill set, and the services I offer include but are not limited to copywriting, editing, business plans, white papers, content-related insights, PR writing and outreach, investor presentations, marketing strategy creation, as well as extensive knowledge and implementation of the user experience and consumer psychology. I'd love to contribute to the creation of your site's content and/or marketing strategy.



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